Time to Face the Fear – West Gwinnett Park Aquatic Center

Some people have absolutely glorious, exciting things on their bucket list.  One of mine probably isn’t in the mind of many but it is for me and that is to learn how to swim.

We had mandatory swimming in high school.  To pass a beginner’s class all you had to do was swim across the shallow end, hold your breath and float. I passed but never got over my fear of “the deep end.” Especially after jumping in a friends pool one time and nearly drowning (or at least it felt like it). Now that I’m in a season of overcoming fear and on the recommendation of my orthopedist, who thinks I should incorporate something else into my routine besides running, I’ve decided to give it a shot again.

Today, accompanied by my new “swim coach” I toured the West Gwinnett Park Aquatic Center.  Located in Norcross the facility includes an indoor instructional pool and completion lap pools and an outdoor water slide and water play area.  There’s also a spectator area above the competition pool.   The facility is immaculate and the front desk staff was very friendly and helpful.

All aquatic centers in Gwinnett have the same pricing per day and for season passes.  Non-Gwinnett residents pay double and proof of residency is required.

I’m looking forward to taking the dive and learning something new.  Who knows, some day you might read about me doing a triathlon? Maybe I’ll add that to the bucket list.