Bunten Road Park, Duluth GA

It’s been a very mild winter in Georgia and having a weekend off I had a bit of time to go and look for another park.  Because I didn’t want to drive too far in Gwinnett I turned to one of the city maintained parks in the area that was relatively close by, Bunten Road Park in Duluth.

Bunten Road Park is a 45 acre neighborhood park with baseball, softball and soccer fields and tennis courts.  A nice feature of the park is a fairly sizeable community center with a meeting space, aerobics room and gym which had a basketball game in progress.  I was thankful that it was open considering that nature called and I hate using park bathrooms.  Of course all of this is well and good, but I came here for one thing…
The trail.
The trail loop is a fast 1.08 miles.  The wooded portion of the trail is really curvy but the distance of those curves is really short.  That curvy portion also contains the only hill.  Even with the wind whipping that day I had no problem covering it, in fact this turtle felt pretty fast on this course.
Overall Bunten Road Park is a nice well-maintained park with a trail that is perfect for short (5k) training runs.  If you’re in Duluth I suggest you give it a whirl.
See you on the trail.
For more photos, see the Bunten Road Park Album on Google+.