George Pierce Park/Suwanee Greenway

I knew it was my last one until November (ragweed sucks) but I’m so glad I got this one in. 

Since I was going to be in the area, I came geared up and ready to run in George Pierce Park.  A huge park in the Gwinnett part of Suwanee was a good one to go to.  On this particular Saturday I ran right smack into the Suwanee Fall Festival on the square, but once through the traffic I made it the park. 

George Pierce Park features all the typicals but on a grand scale.  Multiple baseball, football and softball fields, a senior center, basketball court, pavillions and playgrounds.  In fact the park is so big that I didn’t get to see it all and with darkness approaching quickly I had to stop the tour in order to get the run in.

The Trail
Or should I say trails, there are multiple ones.  The main paved trail loops around a couple of football fields and is a little over a mile long and slightly, not overly hilly.  After running the mile loop twice, I made a turn down hill and ran right on to the Suwanee Greenway which was a treat that wasn’t expected.  

Suwanee Greenway runs between two parks, George Pierce in Suwanee and Suwanee Creek in Buford and is a whopping 9.5 miles of basically flat, fast tree covered running/walking/biking excellence.  The trail is concrete and wooden with several diversions along the way that allow great views of the wetlands and wildlife.

George Pierce is a great park for families and sports enthusiasts and families, but is it’s connection to the Suwanee Greenway that puts sends it right to the top of my list for great places to run in Gwinnett.
See you on the trail!
(because fall pollen season is over :-))

For more photos, see the Picasa album (taken the night of the run and the next day).