Lucky Shoals Park

A day off, temperatures in the 60’s, last day of the year all ingredients for checking out another of Gwinnett’s finest, Lucky Shoals Park.
Lucky Shoals on Brit Road just south of Jimmy Carter Blvd is beauty in simplicity with hills throw in for good measure. The park features, tennis and basketball courts, soccer and football fields, a childrens play area and best of all for runners and walkers a 1.14 mi paved trail.
The trail is entirely tree covered which I’m sure is welcome relief during the sweltering summer months. That shade is needed also to give some relief from the inclines.
I actually ran the course on Sunday with temps in the 40s and a bit of a breeze. The backside of the park is actually the high point so regardless of which direction you start the first half of the loop goes up.  Great for your cardiovascular system and sure to make buns of steel with repeated outings.
Lucky Shoals park has a great location bordering DeKalb and Gwinnett Counties, is easy to get to and is fairly well maintained. The trail is challenging enough to make you pay attention to your breathing. The only drawback is the paving. Certain sections of the trail have been repaved others have not. Runners and walkers should watch their step in areas where the tree roots are buckling the pavement.
For more information on Lucky Shoals Park see go to the Gwinnett Parks and Recreation website.