Macon Labor Day Road Race 10K, September 6, 2010

This post originally appeared in my soon to be phased out blog

In the interest of stretching out, doing something different but in a place that’s somewhat familiar, right after the Peachtree Road Race I signed up for the Macon Labor Day Road Race 10k.  I happen to like Macon, it’s easy to get around, laid back and I knew that the experience would be a good one and it didn’t let me down. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend the “unofficial end” of summer than to get up, get out and run with other like minded folks.

The weather was fantastic! In fact I left the hotel with a fleece on, it was that cool out. Parking was a snap and the race start was just a few blocks away at Run Fit Sports a great shop with lots of running and walking shoes, fitness gear and a sale in progress. It was also warm inside the store.  The scene at the start was typical, mile long port-a-john line, folks stretching, folks running to the start line (have never understood why anyone would use that energy) and the bleary eyed who might have been having second thoughts.  The 10 k start time was 8:15. Everyone was kind of talking and standing and the gun went off, no loudspeaker, no nothing and everybody took OFF…

and blew right by me!

Which is fine, I’m a tortoise not a hare and we weren’t a mile in, maybe a half mile before we hit a huge hill that runs alongside the designated parking for the race.  After that first hill the course was really fantastic.  Flat for the most part, and fairly shaded, we ran down Forsyth past residential and business areas.  There were no cheering throngs along the route but there were a few folks scattered about to cheer us on and it was much appreciated.  The water stations were well stocked and for some DUMB reason I took some water, which I NEVER do but my mouth was dry.  I would have been better off swishin’ and spittin’ than drinking because it gave me a fit for the next mile. Then I was alright.

Right after the 4th mile was another hill, not as long or steep as the first and the buildings provided great shade so it wasn’t bad at all.  At that point the 5k and other 10k finishers were walking back each shouting the familiar refrain “you’re almost there”, I laughed every time I heard it because at the 2nd hill there was still two miles to go.  Yet it went by quickly, we took a couple of turns through downtown Macon, near the Sports and Music Halls of Fame and Tubman Museum and I crossed the finished line in Central City Park.

Would I do it again?

Absofreakinglutely!  The course is great, its scenic, the runners and walkers are friendly and the race size of 2000 is just right.  Park finishes are always good for me, as parks are my very favorite thing.  Though I’d like to see more to drink at the finish, the race in its entirety gets a big “thumbs up”. Macon Tracks Running Club, the race sponsors, Macon Police and EMA run a well oiled machine of a race and they send you back to the parking areas via the comfort of air conditioned motor coaches (buses) instead of being packed in light sardines rubbing up on everybody’s sweaty bodies. That is a classy touch and the race shirts are spectacular women’s or men’s fit shirts in technical fabric, the best shirt I’ve ever received from a race. I highly recommend the Macon Labor Day Road race to anyone who loves hitting the road, by foot of course.

See additional photos of my race experience here.