If it Ain’t One Thing

True to form after the debacle of dehydration weekend (which I also think was heat exhaustion) I jumped right back in on Monday with a kettlebell HIIT workout and a bit of ab work. Tuesday morning?  A treadmill run, which was tiring but good. Felt a little soreness from the prior workout but that was ok.
Then it happened.
After arriving at work and heading down the steps of the parking deck an old familiar nemesis made itself known.  The old left knee was sore and heavy and the stair descent exacerbated this problem.  Looks like the running was going to have to go on the back burner since I have what is commonly known as “runners knee”.

What is Runner’s Knee?
Runner’s knee” is a term used to refer to a number of medical conditions that cause pain around the front of the knee (patellofemoral pain). These conditions include anterior knee pain syndrome, patellofemoral malalignment, and chondromalacia patella.”  Some causes of runner’s knee are:

  • Malalignment of the kneecap
  • Complete or partial dislocation
  • Injury
  • Tightness, imbalance, or weakness of thigh muscles
  • Flat feet
I can check off three of the above along with arthritis in the knee which was diagnosed a few years ago.  What really bites about going down with knee pain this week is that this weekend is going to be NOTHING like last weekend. It’s supposed to be cool with a high chance of rain all weekend, the best weather you can hope for, for August in Georgia.  Yet I know better,  there’s still a bit of pain present probably from those blasted squats this morning (too soon).    The recumbent bike didn’t seem to bother it, yoga seemed to help and strength training sans squats and extensions have been fine too, which means those exercises along with ice will be the regimen until the pain is gone.

Have you had runner’s knee or some other injury that sidelined you?  How did you handle it?  Let me know in the comments. If you happen to be suffering from runners knee right now, you can find treatment options here and here.

Until next time see you on the trail and hopefully that will be in about a week.