You Have Permission

ATTENTION: All fitness fanatics, nutritionistas and swolemen, take a day off on me!

There’s plenty of experts out there that will tell you, drink plenty of water, fill up on veggies before you head to the Thanksgiving table and enjoy the fixins’ in moderation.  Since I’m not an expert, you won’t hear that from me.  Ye old broad says:

Chill, enjoy your family and friends, eat what you want, drink what you want and watch allllllll the games.  When that turkeyphan (tryptophan) kicks in go ahead and take yourself a nap.  Lord willing AND if you aren’t trampled by the Black Friday stampedes, you can back to your program Friday.

Enjoy your holiday, Gobble Gobble and see you on the trail, gym or somewhere workin’ that turkey and dressing off.

20131127_070414 (1167x1280)
photo: msthorns; artwork Jorge, Planet Fitness in Lawrenceville GA