Skip The Gym – Snowpocalypse Edition

Midwest, southeast, east coast, just about everywhere has been hammered with snow and ice bringing life to a virtual standstill (I’m in the Atlanta metro area, we’ve been closed since Tuesday).  While mother nature flexes her muscles, ours may get soft, being stuck at home with all the snacks and all the beer and my personal favorite — naps, to be taken at will.  Don’t let the snow/ice take you away from your program.  There’s plenty to do right in the comfort of your home like:

  • check out Youtube and workout with some of my favorites or discover some new ones for yourself
  • dust off that Insanity, P90x or Jane Fonda (;-)) video
  • pay a visit to your home gym
  • go out and PLAY with your kids/partner/dog in the snow

just to name a few.


Off time from work because of weather can be a good time.  Enjoy all of it, just make sure that you treat your body good too.

Until next time, see you when the ground is visible again.

Photo: MsThorns