McDaniel Farm Park

Ever on the lookout for a new spot to run and in need of some extra motivation I found myself one particular Saturday at McDaniel Farm Park in Duluth, GA.  This little heaven of a park is nestled amongst the chaos of  Gwinnett Place Mall, a multitude of car dealerships, strip malls, restaurants and ongoing construction on Pleasant Hill Rd.
Upon hitting the trail I met a nice couple who showed me the ropes of the trail and I took off (well not really as I’m more of a tortoise than a hare).  The particular route I was on has short inclines and dips, a nice mixture of shaded and unshaded areas and pedestrian bridges.  Some of the curves are sharp but not sharp enough to hurt yourself. All paved trails combined are approximately 3 miles and it seems as though there are limitless combinations that you can choose from and improvise along the way with the help of posted hard maps.
The main features for the tourists and history buffs are the farm buildings near the front entrance of the park.  This area has been restored to resemble a 1930s subsistence farm (cotton) in Georgia. During the spring through fall these buildings are open for tours and there are special events throughout the year.  There are also covered pavillions for large groups available by reservation.
McDaniel Farm Park has a little something for everyone and is at least for me, a bit of peace in the midst of  this part of Gwinnett’s madness. 
For more information on McDaniel Farm Park and other parks in Gwinnett County please see the county website.