White River Club – Anderson, IN

Seeing that the winter weight had begun creeping on before it was officially winter I decided that when the holidays rolled around that I would halt the creep instead of adding to it.  I usually run whenever I come home (Indiana) but that’s generally during the summer.  This year I caught a break on a ticket, and headed home for Christmas.  Snow was on the ground and there was NO WAY any running would be done outside so what’s a girl to do when she can’t go outside?  Head to the gym.

I’m no stranger to the gym, it’s just that when it is warm out I’d rather be in the great outdoors which is much easier to do for a longer stretch of the year in the south.  Since I’m no longer winter hearty, I take it inside when it’s cold.  In years past during visits home in the winter I frequented another gym near my mothers home. This year was a different story.  I was seeking a more modern facility in which I felt more comfortable. After asking around and making a few calls I landed at White River Club.  An older gentlemen at the front desk answered all my questions, sold me a weekly pass and had someone show me around the club.  

During the tour, I saw a water aerobics class in session with seniors enjoying the class, several personal trainers with clients, staff checking the common areas and people getting their fitness on.  All of the equipment was clean and in working order.  Not one “out of order” sign was posted and all of the staff and patrons were friendly which was considerably different from what I’d experienced at the other club I USED to visit.  White River has a full slate of classes daily with something for every age and fitness level and their prices are definitely reasonable. The club is also GREEN.  The two national chain health clubs that I frequent in Atlanta don’t recycle, White River does.

If you’re in town to visit or if you’re a resident I highly recommend White River Club.  It’s one thing to have a full slate of classes and state of the art equipment, but without that customer service component, going to the gym can be a drag.  White River Club’s service and friendly environment take them over the top.

For more information please check out their website and Facebook Page.