Retirement Party – Peachtree Road Race #16

The old broad waffled all the way until the last week this year but mugs refused to let me weasel my way out. With the promise (to myself) that this was my last Peachtree everrrrrr, predicted perfect weather and a commitment to go to the race with the young’n below. My fanny made it out the door to the 45th Annual Peachtree Road Race, my 16th and FINAL 🙂


The People
I met this cute couple Jamie a race veteran and Albert a first timer who were absolutely right. Travelling after 7:00 am to the race start made their wait time for their start wave minimal.


I plopped down next to Christian, also a first timer who was cool as a cucumber and indulged the old broad’s questions and photo snapping.


Of course upon arrival there was no shortage of costumes. Wonder Woman and I think Captain America (not good with superhero names) were making their way to the start line.


The music
The bands this year were some of the best I can recall. At Brown & Co. Jewelers the band was playing some serious funk. Further up at Fellini’s Pizza I heard rap and across from Justin’s, salsa/merengue so good that I wanted to take my non-salsa dancing self over and join the party.

My race
I ran through and got sprinkled by the holy water at St Phillip, ran up cardiac hill and took it easy by running just under 4 of the 6.2 miles. Taking it easy allowed me to watch an 80 year old man who was a member of the  100 marathon club pass me, meet and talk to a soror from Decatur Alumnae and enjoy all the good music, colorful folks and architecture on the way to the finish. My finish time was the slowest I’ve ever recorded and I was over the moon about it because there was no need to visit the medical tent.

I’ve said I’m through for the last three years or so but actually mean it this time.  I had to get my ego out of the way and realize that I can’t take heat and humidity like I used to and weather like today doesn’t happen every year.  I’m certainly not through racing now that I’ve got most of the injuries behind me, but I’m no fool either.  Fall and winter are my new seasons and as long as the body holds up.  I’ll return to racing when the temperatures drop.
How did you spend your fourth of July? Was it in active pursuit of a personal record in a race, or active pursuit of a plate, beer and friends and family? Let me know in the comments.
Until next time see you on the trail and Happy Independence Day!
Photos: MsThorns

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  1. Nicely done, lady. I wish I had the lungs to do half of what you do. Cardio has always been difficult to me. Anything over 2 miles was too much 🙂

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