Powered by Soul Spotlight: Edwin Boatswain

IMG_20140622_115643Thanks to the Google+ Smartphone Photographers Community I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the Road Runner.   Not only was he submitting beautiful photos to some of the weekly photo challenges of the group, i started noticing some photos of him outfitted in running gear and race numbers and such.  Turns out this dude is a BEAST so much so that he celebrated the first part of his birthday this year running a 10k.  Anybody who chooses running to start off a birthday is someone whose story I’d like to know and hopefully you will to. Introducing the Road Runner, Mr Edwin Boatswain in is own words.


I’m Edwin Boatswain, from London, England, UK. I’m 44 years old and a software developer.

Tell us about your fitness routine.
My exercise regime is a mix of whatever I’m enjoying at the moment. Yoga is a staple though. I study Vijnana and Body of Light yoga as my main practice with a great yoga teacher who gives great detailed instruction. You can find out more about Vijnana and body of light at her website. square I go to the YMCA and try a lot of classes. Yoga, Strike! and circuits are current favourites. My main focus at the moment though is running. I’m not a natural runner by any means but I’m really enjoying it and finding my limits. Then pushing them a little bit.A few years back I signed up for a Nike sponsored 10K. I dragged myself the park, went to some of the training runs and got hooked. I really don’t know what I’m doing so I’m learning by doing and paid for my mistakes with injuries however the Central YMCA has a great physio by the name of Andrea who also practices yoga and runs. Frequently she’s stopped me from running while injured but given me the tools to get back on my feet. She practices in London and Bath and has a website here. 1405247031805 IMG_20140712_194126 In the UK there’s a private health company called BUPA that sponsors a series of runs. They provide a great set of training plans on their website and lots of advice. I’ve run three half marathons and these training plans have gotten me to the end. So to answer your actual question. My current training plan consists of: 4-5 hours of yoga a week 4-5 sessions of running a week of various lengths A circuit class whenever I can fit it in.

Do you follow a particular nutrition plan?

I try to follow a balanced diet but have struggled with weight since I was a kid. I’m a Weight Watcher and have been through several versions of the Weight Watchers programme. What I’ve taken from each is to keep a record of what you eat and aim for a balance from each of the food groups.

How long have you been following your nutrition plan?
I’ve been a Weight Watcher on and off since the 90s. OK mostly off, but last year I reached my goal weight after tracking properly and being active. There was a hiccup after which I put weight back on and (today actually 7/17/14) I made it back to my goal weight.


What motivates you to maintain your fitness and nutrition programs?
I really didn’t like the sluggish and constantly tired feeling I had while heavier. I like the extra energy I have now and I’m probably turning into an endorphin junkie! Another motivation is clothing, it’s much easier to buy clothes now.

Do you have a motto/personal philosophy you’d wish to share?
I’ve been hearing a Fatboy Slim song a lot “Eat, sleep, rave, repeat…” Trying to fit in the training runs recently it started to feel like “Eat, sleep, train, repeat”. I kind of like that one as a tongue in cheek motivational thing.

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Photos: Edwin Boatswain collection