A Real Pain In The…

20130619_150939Some comic details came forth from my visit to urgent care Sunday. Stuff like jumping butt cheeks, stale graham crackers and x-ray technicians who know only of x-ray film from books like they’re ancient history. Then stuff got kinda serious. I’m diabetic after all and I do get a little scared sometimes. My sugar was down to 59 and my arse was hurting and messing up other stuff.


I’d been having these muscle spasms for a week in my fanny. Thinking that skipping running a week I’d be in good shape so I kept it moving. Lifting weights, Tai Chi, yoga everyday and some time on the elliptical. By Sunday I couldn’t take it. I had this tingly and numbness that ran from my rear end all the way down my leg to my right foot. The doctor ordered an x-ray, instructed not to run or lift weights and prescribed oral steroids and pain meds.

The doctor called later that evening and stated that I have arthritis in back. Queue expletives.

Today wasn’t much better. I did some yoga took the meds which I hate and made an appointment to go back Tuesday. The pain isn’t bad it’s the spasms and tingling stuff that is wearing me out. My paranoia about not being able to move runs deep. Moving and diet changes enabled me to be off medication for diabetes for the last 6 years. What I believe is that I’m paying the price for carrying 200+ pounds on a small frame for years and that the damage was already done when I finally got my act together in ’08.


I’m trying to be optimistic but I’m fearful of being limited after coming so far.

Stay tuned…

Photos: MsThorns

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