The National Holiday Called the Super Bowl

Sunday February 1, 2015 marks the celebration of Super Bowl XLIX (49) with the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks battling (hopefully not a blowout) for the Lombardi Trophy.  Why a national holiday you ask? Because we party like it is and we sho’ nuff eat and drink like it is.  In the U.S., Super Bowl Sunday is the 2nd largest food and drink consumption day behind Thanksgiving. In fact Americans are expected to eat 11 million pounds of chips, 1.23 billion chicken wings to be chased by 325 million gallons of beer two the tune of 2400 calories per “meal” and that’s just during the game.  What happens in my household? The same thing. Did you think I would give up the chance to go for broke on a national holiday?



I love the NFL AND I love food and libations so I’ll be enjoying it on Sunday and returning to normal consumption on Monday.  I’m no killjoy either so if Super Bowl Sunday is pig out day for you, enjoy it.  For those who don’t indulge but stay true to their dietary habits, God Bless ya!


How are you celebrating the Super Bowl? Better yet what are you eatin’ and drankin’?  Let me know in the comments and feel free to send me photos of your super bowl spread on Google+ or Twitter on Sunday.  They will be posted right here.

Until next time, see you at the gym, where I will be rolling in like a teletubby but with a smile on my face 🙂

Photos: MsThorns

6 thoughts on “The National Holiday Called the Super Bowl

  1. I’ll be attending a Super Bowl party with friends and fam in the Queen City and will post pics up of all the food and drink on G+. Appetizers like chips with either salsa or this awesome cheese and s usage sauce. Min course will probably be Ribs, chicken, mac n’ cheese, greens, meatballs, ect. Don’t know what’s for dessert yet though I’m guessing either banana pudding or ice cream cake. And finally yes, alcohol will be consumed. This is the ultimate conform food day, and the ultimate excuse to have a cheat day with no guilt and giving no damns whatsoever.

  2. Keeping the HD on a little longer because the picture just looks so friggin’ good! I will be frying up about 100 wings, (courtesy of Tonearm) and I’m thinking after the work I have to put in today, a 6 of Red Stripe will be in order.

    1. Sounds excellent especially the Red Stripe. Send photos before the spread is demolished 🙂

  3. Started a new lil’ “tradition” at Chateau “Ghetto.” The #hardheadz wants low country boil. At least that’s what we call it. (Big boiler of crab legs, oysters, smoked sausage, potatoes, shrimp and corn.) But we will have that and sit together watching the game.

    -RAP, II

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