It’s Never Too Late

It was a combination of things that got me to this point. The nagging knee injury, the weather, my bucket list and age all drove me to the decision to comply. Four years ago theorthopedist said I needed to find something else to do and to scale back the running. I ignored that advice and ran even more up until last year. During one of those injurytimeouts I signed up for a class. Though nervous at the onset I completed the class without difficulty. Having obtained the acquired skills I still wasn’t satisfied with my mechanics. I took another class at a different site, learned a few more things and was recommended for the next level.

At age 47 I learned how to swim.

Why didn’t I learn before? Didn’t feel the need. Though it was mandatory in high school non-swimmers only had to float and kick the width of the pool with held breath to pass. I passed and proceeded to spend the rest of my days sunbathing by the pool. Until now.

I was always scared of deep water and didn’t understand the whole breathing thing. I still don’t have it down and deep water isn’t my preferred hang out place but I hope it will be soon because I actually quite love the water. So the work continues.

You see you can teach an old broad new tricks.  You too can try something new for your fitness program if you just let go of all the stuff, get clearance from your physician and jump in, the water is just fine even 12 feet of it. One guy made it fine for me, my instructor Michael Mooney at West Gwinnett Park and Aquatic Center. He is patient, pushy and funny all at the same time which made for an exceptional instructional experience.  Thanks Michael.


Until next time, see you at the pool where you’ll see me continuing to practice this whole turn your body and breathe thing while singing “Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop”.

Photo: MsThorns
Lyric: Parliament, “Aqua Boogie“, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell writers from the album Motor Booty Affair.