Powered By Soul Flips for FlipBelt

There had to be a solution to lugging keys and phones on the trail and at the gym.  I mean I’m pulling enough (my body) around as is and being weighted down with unattractive contraptions to hold stuff on my body was on my LAST.  Leave it to my running girlfriends to show me how to get it done.  Goodbye hideous fanny pack and helloooo FlipBelt.


You can see and hear what I think about it below. Yep, there’s video. The first and maybe the last but check it out anyway and I’m NOT getting paid to talk about it. If I were dontcha think the video would be better?  Enjoy and if you get one, let me know how it worked out for you in the comments.

Photos/Video: MsThorns

5 thoughts on “Powered By Soul Flips for FlipBelt

  1. Okay, so, I went on flipbelt’s website and everyone who was donning this fabulous piece of convenience weighed 12 pounds. What is your recommendation for those of us big ladies who are trying to get our workout on?

    1. That’s called marketing and can be ignored in this instance. The XL belt has a max stretch circumference of 48″ to accommodate some hips. However it can be worn anywhere between waist and hips so wearing at the high waist is an option.

      Great comment/question and an important consideration. Powered By Soul will investigate more options.

    2. Great question. Try the XL and wear it at high waist. In the meantime Powered By Soul will be on the hunt for more options.

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